Registration Verification

Registration verification is required for the indicated categories and must accompany registration form. Acceptable forms of verification are as follows:

  • For the Non-Member Physician: a statement on the physician’s letterhead, a copy of the physician’s medical certificate or license, or, a letter from a current ISHRS physician member attesting to the credentials as a physician.
  • For the Non-Member Adjunct/Trichologist: a statement on the person’s business letterhead attesting to the credentials of the person or a certificate of membership in his/her trichologic society.
  • For the Non-Member Physician Resident: a letter of verification from the residency program director.
  • For the Training Fellow: a letter of verification from the fellowship training program director.
  • For Surgical Assistant, Office Manager, Office Staff, Clinic Director, Marketing/Webmaster: the official Letter of Attestation as provided on the ISHRS website or ISHRS meeting registration site.
  • Spouse/Guest: a letter from the Physician or Adjunct noting the relationship with the individual.